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Winter holidays


Hello everyone,

I love this time of the year! For many reasons.

One of them is the opportunity to indulge us with a wide variety of Christmas traditional recipes, gathered around the world.

The gingerbread house became already a Christmas tradition for many years, along with the mini gingerbread house that sits on the edge of the mug,

gingerbread Christmas tree and bell.

This year I tried new recipes and kept some of the old ones, like hungarian isler, sweet bread (this year, the german stollen).

Are you ready to start?

Our Christmas tree:


Of course, the kids prepared some cookies for Santa:


Santa liked some of them…(we have so different tastes)


My cookies this year…

From left, to right: ischler cookies, almond paste cookies, honey layered cake, raspberries/apricot jam filled thumbprint cookies,

railroad cookies-Eisenbahner, Christmas tree meringue, chocolate caramel thumbprint cookies,

   dominosteine, chocolate macaroons with chocolate ganache and pistachio macaroons filled with white chocolate ganache (second photo-5th row)




Gingerbread house, gingerbread Christmas tree


gingerbread mini house for mug


 gingerbread Christmas bell



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