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Festive Christmas & New Year’s Eve Tables

I love to play setting a festive table.

This time I choose like centerpiece a rose bouquet in an oasis ball. Really simple to create.

Just soak the oasis ball in water. Gently poke the stems into the oasis being careful not to damage the flower stems.




I thoroughly enjoy amuse-bouches, they look sweet and sometimes absolutely stunning in their presentation, they also allow you to savour many different flavors. So, these little bites or mouthfuls are a must on every festive table at my table.

We had appetizers:

Soft apricots with goat cheese and pistachio:

1 (5)

Tuna stuffed peaches:


1 (4)

Opera foie gras:


Almond mousse, smoked salmon and couscous:

1 (6)

Goat cheese truffles with honey core:


Prosciutto mousse Christmas tree:

2 (3)

Porcini mushroom paste:


Cheese platter:

1 (2)



porcini soup:

1 (3)

Tournedos parmentier:

1 (7)

Duck breast, parsnip puree and purple potatoes:



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